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Monday August 7th, 2017

The Second Coming.

by John Niven.

The Second Coming  by John Niven

A whacky, way-out fun read.

Very different. A fun story and must admit I was wondering how the plot was going to end have to say he finished it off rather well. But, on the other hand, being strongly anti-drugs I feel that for more naive readers the overall attitude of the novel was rather destructive and for that reason I'd hesitate to recommend it.


Tuesday August 8th, 2017


by Philip Kerr.

Research  by Philip Kerr

A very forgetable novel.

Found this on my bookshelf for books I'd read and thought there had been a mistake. I couldn't for the life of me remember reading it and even when I read through the blurb on the back, it was still very hard to be sure. There was something there which suggested that I might have read it, but the memory was very faint. So checked my diary and found that I actually had read it and described it as very, very readable with surprising twists and turns. Though I also thought the ending left something to be desired.
           But unlike other novels such as Ascent, I still can't remember a thing about it.


Wednesday August 9th, 2017



Did the Human Race come within an ace of destruction?

The thing about ebola outbreak of 2014 was that when a person was infected it took a while for the virus to incubate and then the person began showing symptoms of the disease ‘before’ they became infectious and began spreading the deadly virus to other people. But suppose victims of ebola had become infectious before they showed symptoms of the disease, what would have happened then? For the sake of some black humour and remembering that ebola kills over seventy percent of the people it infects, suppose the victims of ebola had become infectious three weeks before the symptoms of the illness had begun to manifest themselves, how many human beings would now be alive? Interesting thought.


Thursday August 10th, 2017

Honouring Islam

How the British honour Islam.


Friday August 11th, 2017

Prime Minister May.

Prime Minister Teresa May

It seems her popularity is increasing.

A recent report in the media said that someone had actually touched her with a ten foot barge pole.

                                                                                        (The 2 Ronnies) (Updated)


Monday August 14th, 2017


Google jitters

In the UK, how heavily is the internet censored?

It came up in a conversation down the pub that the right to be forgotten in Google only applies to Europe and so I was curious to see if a friend of mine who had been slandered and invoked his right to be forgotten, was still being slandered in America.
           To me, finding this out was expected to be easy. All I had to do was go to google dot com and type my friend’s name into the search bar. But surprise, surprise! I was totally unable to log onto from either my phone or my computer. Every time I tried I was automatically redirected to Consequently I was completely unable to check to see if my friend was still being slandered in the U.S.
           Fortunately I found I could go to and search my friend’s name and yes, his name and a reference to his supposed misdeeds showed up in the yahoo search. But then I when clicked on the link I was glad to find that the page had been four o four’d. It had been removed and that was another thing which has always bothered me about search engines. How often have you clicked on a link only to find the 404 error message telling you that the page cannot be found? Surely a decent search engine would regularly ping each listed page to see if there was a response and, if a page failed to respond twice in succession, it could be removed from the index and that would save search engine users a lot of time. But maybe that would mean google and other companies would have to hire extra staff and, as we all know, the internet is for making profits and not for being charitable and so most internet companies don’t hire any more staff than they absolutely need to.
           But there might be another reason why a British user of google must use and cannot use Would it be the advertisers? Maybe some American advertisers don’t want to pay for adds which appear on British computer screens as their products are not available in the UK.
           But when it comes to censorship, the laws regarding freedom of speech in America are much more liberal than they are in the UK and so if a UK person using google can only search sites which fully comply with British law, then there are a lot of things happening in America and around the world which the average Briton cannot find out about. That is unless they use yahoo or a different search engine. may only list sites which comply with British law, but will list sites which comply with the more tolerant and broad-minded American laws.


Wednesday August 18th, 2017

Should we be afraid, very afraid or just plain terrified?

What people don’t seem to understand about the present Islamic invasion is that every Muslim is duty bound to do what they can to turn Britain into an Islamic state. They may be gentle, kind and law abiding, but it is still their Islamic duty to work to unseat the present government from its position and replace it with an Islamic government.
           And guess what? This is what they do. To the mind of a Muslim the Islamic conquest of the world is a long-term project and even if it takes several hundred years, that is fine to most Muslims so long as they can claim to have done their bit. Islamic terrorism and other violent actions are not what most Muslims are about as they prefer a surer and more underhanded approach. And that means no violence and no actions which might alert us to what they are intending - an Islamic take over of Britain.
           To give an example. Why do we have an Islamic parliament of Great Britain? Do we have a Hindu or Buddhist parliament of Great Britain? No we don’t. Most Hindus and Buddhists are happy to muck in with the rest of us and live in a healthy democratic society, one which probably has infinitely more rights and freedoms than the societies they left behind. But although a number of Muslims might like to just live peacefully in our country and muck in with the rest of us, the Koran forbids them from doing this and, if they truly believe in the Koran, they have no option but to follow both its teachings and its commands. The most important of these are that only Islam is acceptable to their Allah and it is their duty to help conquer the lands of the unbelievers and make them Islamic.
           So, no matter how pleasant and friendly you may perceive your Muslim neighbour to be, be aware that under the surface this person is working towards a time when this country is forced to become an Islamic state and, when it does, you will become subservient to the person you now consider to be a harmless and friendly individual. Danger lurks behind every Islamic smile and when you see a Muslim smile you should remember the Walt Disney film Jungle Book in which the python named Kaa, intent on having Mowgli for dinner, tried to hypnotise him by smiling and opening its eyes wide and then chanting in a soft and seductive voice: ‘Trust in me. Trust in me.’
           So be warned. Because of what it says in the Koran about the political or worldly duties of a Muslim, a Muslim in Britain, a non Islamic country, simply cannot be trusted by anyone who isn’t themselves a Muslim.


Thursday August 17th, 2017

The Founding of America.

The Founding Of America

Full of detail. Very interesting.

The producers of this twelve and a half hour documentary series certainly went out of their way to make sure every point of the revolution was covered. But being a loyal subject of the British Crown I had to laugh at the way they insisted that the British army was the most powerful in the world and preened themselves when speaking of the occasional victory achieved by Washington and his rag-bag Revolutionary Army. The British army of the time was powerful, but I do think that insisting that it was the world's most powerful army is goiing a bit far. Also, the decisive British defeat at Yorktown was really a French victory. But what is most important is that it was French money and French arms which made the revolution possible in the first place and that was surely French revenge for their loss in the Seven Years War. So maybe we should have left Quebec to the French and then the Americans would never have wanted independence.
           But this is a very good series anyone who wants a better understanding of the American revolution would benefit by watching it.


Friday August 18th, 2017

The Genesis code.

by John Case.

The Genesis Code by John Case

A most enjoyable yarn.

Would describe this as a good, well plotted yarn. One of the troubles is that technology has advanced so much since the mid nineties that a modern reader might see it as being a bit dated. But see no reason why the publisher can't just update the story and re-release it. It's a good piece of fiction.


Monday August 21st, 2017

Is corruption theft?


Who should have their hands cut off?.

If corruption is theft then shouldn't Islam insist that corrupt politicians and businessmen have their hands cut off?


Tuesday August 22nd, 2017

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ.


How will you recognise the Christian Saviour?.

According to Muslims he might well be a Glaswegian binman because their prophet Muhammad has predicted that he will be of medium height with reddish hair and will be wearing two items of bright yellow clothing. (Inside Islam by D. Ali & R. Spencer. Page 102.)


Wednesday August 23rd, 2017

the Prisoner.

the Prisoner with Patrick Magoohan

A classic series from 1967.

The classic 1960s series which caused something of a storm, especially in America.
           But I found that although the first six episodes were really excellent, the others were somewhat strange or surreal. Initially Patrick Magoohan planned a series of seven episodes (the excellent ones) but it was such a popular series that he was persuaded to add the extra ten episodes. Some of the surreal episodes were clever and enjoyable but the final episode was far too surreal and unrealistic for me, even when I first saw it back in the sixties.
           But the Americans loved the show so much it acquired a cult following of thousands, many of who searched for hidden messages or meanings in the scripts. Needless to say, they didn’t find any because it was after all, just a very clever spy-fi.
           Finally. I will add that the episode in which Magoohan refused to carry a gun was censored in America and wasn’t seen in that country until the late seventies. It seems that idea of someone refusing to carry a gun didn’t sit well with the American authorities.


Thursday August 24th, 2017

We should invent a word,
Which no one’s heard,
A word like oogle,
Now’t to do with google,
Perhaps a noun,
Which could cause a smile or frown,
Maybe a verb,
An action quite superb,
Or an adjective,
Which might be to some addictive.
For many ?oogles google will diminish,
And the brand as well will blemish.
Maybe coogle, doogle, foogle, hoogle,
poogle, snoogle, yoogle and zoogle.
Google itself in such a maze would lose,
Then the brand will snooze,
Crowds will it forget,
The giant shrinking to a midget,
Then to the past we’ll hear jeers,
And to the future cheers.


Friday August 25th, 2017

The BBC.


Is it an evil organisation?

Now that the BBC has been infiltrated by Muslims British people are being encouraged to worship the Muslim version of Jesus. For example, when you hear about the Virgin Mother on programmes such as Sunday morning’s ‘Something Understood’ you are likely to be indoctrinated with the Islamic version of the story regarding Mary the mother of Jesus rather than the Biblical one. In time, no doubt, we’ll be being told the Koranic story of Jesus rather than the Biblical one. But in the Koran, although Jesus has been acknowledged as a prophet, he has, in the pantheon of religious greats, been seriously downgraded. In the Koran Jesus was never crucified and never rose again on the third day and so, to any Muslim, he was very definitely NOT the saviour of the world. Jesus, in the Koran, was just an ordinary prophet who performed a few small miracles and, as a messenger of God, was quite inferior to Muhammad himself. In the Koran, Muhammad is the big boy. When he had dealings with the angles of God he didn’t just deal with any ordinary angel, he dealt only with the top Angel Gabriel and then later, he even had a personal meeting with God. Muhammad was, if you decide to believe the Koran, clearly superior to any other prophet in history including Jesus and Moses. Not only that, Muhammad also tried to ensure that not only would his followers believe that he was the greatest ever prophet, they would also believe that he was the last and final prophet and that made damned sure that no one else could along some time in the future and downgrade him. :-))


Monday August 29th, 2017



Probably the ultimate in cinematic decadence.

This is nothing but a ghoulish movie turning death into a meaningless emotional drama. I’m reminded of the Roman coliseums in which meaningless death became a form of entertainment for the masses. For society to have a future there must be hope even if the protagonists die in the end. Sparticus left a son behind. In 633 Squadron all the heroes might have perished, but the job was accomplished and the war was shortened. In Von Ryan’s Express Frank Sinatra might have died in the last moments of the film, but the escape of the POWs was successful. But here there is just another death in Iraq turned into a tearful, heart rending drama. No message. No hope. Just the death of someone the viewer has come to know on their flickering, wide-screen TV. Probably even while sitting on their settee eating pizza and drinking wine or beer.


Tuesday August 29th, 2017

Left Behind.

Left Behind

A gigantic load of elephant poo.


Wednesday August 30th, 2017

Inventing a new word.


When it comes to inventing a new word I’d like to put forward the word ‘spoogle’. It has something of an affinity with the word ‘spook’ which means to spy and and also ‘google’ and I therefore feel that the word spoogle could refer to people who searche the internet for information about others which is really none of their business.
           For example, when my elderly mother was alive we had family Nectar, Boots and Tesco cards which were all in her name. After she died I continued to use these family cards because it felt as if it brought me closer to her. But not too long after she died I was in Sainsbury’s trying to cash in some Nectar points when I was told that the card had been blocked. I rang to enquire and the telephone operator insisted on speaking only to the card holder. I didn’t want to admit that my mother had passed away as it was something I didn’t really like discussing so I said she was ill and in hospital and therefore unavailable. But the operator insisted and no matter what I said I was stonewalled. Nothing other than a conversation with the card holder was acceptable. Consequently, as there really was nothing I could do I ditched the card and forgot the points which, fortunately, weren’t too many.
           A while later I was in Boots. I had been using the card, collecting and spending points, without difficulty for some time after my mother passed on but when I tried to cash in sixteen pounds worth of points I was unexpectedly told the card had been blocked and I had to ring the customer services line. Fortunately there was a very pleasant young girl behind the counter and she offered to let me use the company phone. But when I got through to customer services I was once again stonewalled. The operator insisted that he could only speak to the card holder and no matter what I said, that was the only line he would take. The girl behind the counter helpfully suggested that she should speak to the representative on my behalf and after a five minute conversation, which I couldn’t quite follow, she put down the phone and told me that the operator could do nothing because his computer was telling him that my mother had died. But I’d never told Boots about that! So where did they get the information from? The Boots loyalty card people had obviously been spoogling the internet for information regarding my mother, the card holder. Personally I feel that information concerning my mother and not connected with Boots was none of Boots's business, but it seems that Boots felt differently and having acquired my mother’s personal details they had searched or ‘spoogled’ the internet for any information they could collect about her. So that was unfortunately a further £16 down the drain. But I wonder, as Boots spoogles the internet for information regarding their loyalty card users, what information do they hold? Do they search to see if a customer has a criminal record, a bad credit rating, is a house owner or has been divorced? It’s frightening to think what details companies like Nectar and Boots are holding on their loyalty card users.
           I still have a Tesco loyalty card in my mother’s name and I use it all the time. In fact Tesco doesn’t seem too troubled by my use of this card and obviously hasn’t been spoogling the internet in search of information concerning my mother’s passing. The result of that is that now I hardly ever go to Boots or Sainsbury’s but frequently go to Tesco’s.
           In consequence, I think spoogle is a good word to describe people who search the internet for information which is none of their business.


Thursday August 31st, 2017

Front Line Pakistan.

by Zahid Hussain.

Front Line Pakistan

The Path to Catastrophe and the killing of Benazir Bhutto.

When it comes to important information the media all too often only dishes it out in dribs and drabs and so unless your specialise in a subject you need a book where all the information is gathered into one place. Pakistan is clearly not what our politically correct media pundits would have us believe. Pakistan, along with Iran and a number of other Islamic countries is a serious danger to the Western way of life. Not only do they not play the game according to Western rules, they’re not even interested in trying to. Only Western money keeps Pakistan in line and the minute Europe and America find they can no longer afford to continue buying the peace with hand outs, it is all almost certainly going to blow up in our faces. Catastrophe is certainly a good word here.
           History never changes. Didn't the Romans pay off troublesome people to keep the peace and what happened to them when they could no longer afford to continue paying for peace?


Friday September 1st, 2017


A personal view by (Lord) Kenneth Clark.

Civilisation by Kenneth Clark


The first ever colour documentary which relied on quality photography. BBC 2 had just been launched and colour television with 625 lines was still very new so most people just didn’t have a colour set. But the David Attenborough, who was an important figure in the BBC at the time. decided that a quality documentary to show off the advantages of colour television was desperately needed. So he persuaded Kenneth Clark to produce this program and it became a stunning success with many of those who owned a colour television inviting friends and neighbours around to watch the show at their place.
           Personally, I have never really been one for art because I hardly ever understand what the art world is talking about. The words are usually meaningless to me. However, I have to admit that this can still be considered to be a quality series and one worth watching. Interestingly, the history of Spain and Spanish paintings was not included in the series because Lord Clark had a thing about the Spanish, the Conquistadors and the Inquisition. But David Attenborough got around this problem by defining the series as a personal view by Kenneth Clark.


Monday September 4th, 2017

An Australian collection
of unpublishable jokes.


These jokes couldn't be published in the UK or The Guardian, The Independent and the Lefties at the BBC would ruthlessly hunt down the publisher, name and shame them and otherwise persecute and abuse them. The advantage of Australia is that the people don't live in such an oppressive society.


Tuesday September 5th, 2017

Voem of the Week.

Passing time.

How do you define,
Passing time,
And its transience?
How do humans it experience,
And as time out itself does dole,
What is it to the human soul?

Imagine sitting on a train,
The engine taking all the strain,
You sitting in a window seat,
Thinking life a curse or treat,
The scenery is time passing by,
And it sometimes makes you sigh.

But though the scenery is progressive,
And you find it oft impressive,
Your carriage inside,
You over all preside,
It usually seems the same,
And oft perhaps a little plain.

Passing time is outside,
Not so inside,
They’re the same you will allow,
The you of then, the you of now.
So while the outer scenery passes by,
It’s the inside which you deify.

But as the end of your line you near,
You might start the scenery to fear,
Your movements start to slow,
And you note that you no longer glow,
Your cells no longer replicate,
And so you won't rejuvenate.

Your everything starts to droop,
And you begin to stoop,
Then your spirits really sink,
When you find you start to shrink,
While many a dizzy spell,
Says that all’s not well.

Your line is terminating,
For you nothing new is germinating,
The scenery you have seen,
To you might something mean,
But others coming up behind,
To your memories are blind.

They may surely see the same,
Not thinking it a game,
While laughing at the lie,
Is a sadist way up high,
For though we think we something mean,
We are but short-lived molecules in a stream.

But molecules in pairs of two,
Like strange things to do,
So they the numbers juice,
With offspring they produce,
And though for these life will be a jumble,
They into the future will like forebears tumble.


Wednesday September 6th, 2017


America & Islam

Will it be America versus Islam?

America & Islam

Liberty versus oppression?

America is a country which believes in liberty but Islam demands absolute and complete submission to the Word of God as told to the world by a single person called Muhammad who told his followers that he had been in communication with the Supreme Being and what he told them was only what the Supreme Being had told him. There is no freedom in Islam because the submission demanded is total and absolute - even to the way in which a Believer is supposed to hold their hands while praying.
           But who was this person Muhammad who claimed he had been spoken to by God? We know he was a paedophile because his peadophilia has been well attested to. He was a thief because we know he continually robbed the trading caravans as they made their way from Mecca to the Gulf of Aqaba. He was a murder in that he not only ordered the murder of over six hundred Jewish males, he also partook in the throat slashing orgy and some even say he did it gleefully. In consequence, he is known to some as the Butcher of Medina. He was also a slave trader in that after slashing the throats of the six hundred, he sold their women and children off into slavery. And so the story continues.
           But why did people believe Muhammad when he told them he was telling them what God told him? There’s no denying that a lot of it may have sounded quite religiously plausible but when some suggested that he was just handing out some warmed over Biblical stories, he fell to the ground, threw a fit, then got to his feet and told his followers that the Supreme Being had just told him that he had been told the truth about what was in the Bible and anyone who dared to question him would actually be questioning the word of the Supreme Being (or God) and would therefore deserve the ultimate punishment of death. And so it went on.
           The Koran, according to Muhammad, because it's the word of the Supreme Being, contains all human beings ever need to know about life, the Universe and everything. All other knowledge is superfluous. But if you read the Koran carefully you might notice that it doesn’t once mention the number forty two, and, if it doesn’t do that, doesn’t it call into question the veracity of what the self-proclaimed prophet Muhammad told his followers?


Thursday September 7th, 2017

The Durells. 1 & 2.

The durrells by Gerald Durrell

Endearing - a very well produced series.

Gerald Durrell was an excellent writer and on the grounds that the book is always better than the movie I certainly intend to read the books.


Friday September 8th, 2017

The Miracles of the Exodus

A Scientist's Discovery of the Extraordinary Natural Causes of the Biblical Stories.

By Colin Humphreys

The Miracles of the Exodus by Colin Humphreys


If this book isn't the greatest fake ever, it's certainly the greatest story of Biblical discovery in the twenty first century. I have to admit I was amazed and found the whole story so coherent and so in touch with the original Biblical story, I am now convinced that this is the true story of the Exodus. I am, of course, willing to listen to what other authorities have to say the subject and am, if the evidence is sufficient, also willing to change my mind. But I do think that any new discoveries will simply be small variations on this analysis of what actually happened. There were no miracles of science in the story of the Exodus, only miracles of timing. But if we want miracles of timing in the modern age we only have to remember that in June 1940 the English Channel became as calm as a mill pond and this enabled even small boats to nip over to Dunkirk and save thousands of soldiers from the advancing Nazis. During Pearl Harbour the carriers were not in port and for some inexplicable reason the Japanese decided not to touch the fuel storage tanks. If they had, it would have been catastrophic for the American war effort because every military ship would have had to return to California for fuel and it would therefore have been several years before the United States would have been able to effectively interfere with what the Japanese were doing in the Pacific. Another miracle was the Russian winter of 1941 which, unexpectedly, was one of the worst on record and seriously curtailed the ambitions of the unprepared Germans.
           This book, for anyone interested in the stories of the Bible, is unmissable. Personally, bearing in mind that this book was first published in 2003, I'm a little surprised that this excellent analysis has not already become the orthodox story of the Exodus.


Monday September 18th, 2017

Inside Islam.

100 Questions and Answers.

By Daniel Ali and Robert Spencer.

Inside Islam, A guide For Catholics by Daniel Ali & Robert Spencer

So Informative I read it three time.

This book contains so much valuable information that it should be read by everyone with an interest in religion. So far all the West has known about Islam is what Muslim clerics have decided to tell us but now our own scholars are studying the Islamic sacred texts and they are finding things Muslims have clearly preferred not to tell us about. I am not a Catholic myself but in terms of the understandings gained from reading this book, I don't think it makes any difference. In fact I think this book should be re-described as a guide for Christians or, as an unbeliever or idolater is anyone who isn't a Muslim, it should be designated as a guide for all non Muslims. In this age of growing Islamic terrorism it is an important and worthwhile read.


Tuesday September 19th, 2017

Suspicious Minds.

Why We Believe Conspiracy Theories.

By Rob Brotherton.

Suspicous Minds by Ropb Brotherton

In this age of the Internet, self-examination is important.

In this age of the Internet it is becoming increasingly important for people to be sensible and to try and keep their feet on the ground. When it comes to understanding our own foibles and our own inclinations to believe what we want to believe rather than what the evidence is pointing to, we can all be found wanting. Consequently, in that sense I would say this is an interesting, informative and valuable read.


Wednesday September 20th, 2017

If the end of the world is nigh,

Nuclear armageddon

To where should you flee?

Mark Twain did say that if the end of the world was nigh it was time to be in Cincinati because everything comes to Cincinati twenty years late.


Thursday September 21st, 2017

The Michael Wood collection,

The Michael Wood Collection

Surely among the best documentaries ever made.

An excellent series of documentaries in which the evidence, both archaeological and textual is carefully sifted to arrive at what is probably the best available explanations of the present day.
           In one the ruins of Troy are carefully examined to get the story not only of Homer’s Troy, but pf Troy through the ages. A city which was violently knocked down and rebuilt on more than one occasion.
           In the collection there’s Myths and Heroes, Alexander the Great, The Conquistadors and of course; Shakespeare. Most documentaries on Shakespeare I’ve seen say that very little is known about the bard but Michael Wood has sifted the evidence and come up with an amazing and rather detailed portrait of the timeless bard. A portrait which the government might prefer people not to know about. Did you know that the evidence strongly suggests that when Shakespeare was eighteen or nineteen years old he was charged with poaching? I don’t think the government is too keen on the idea of everyone following in these footsteps of the bard.
           Normally I take the DVDs I’ve seen down to a shop and exchange them for something electronic like a new phone, but this is one set of DVDs that I would not like to part with. I have added them in my special collection which is really quite small because in truth, what do you do with a DVD once you’ve watched it?


Friday September 22nd, 2017

The Squeeze,

Oil, Money & Greed in the 21st Century.

By Tom Bower.

The Squeeze by Tom Bower

Informative but somewhat tedious.

I can't say this book was an easy or exciting read but there aren't many books on the oil business so, if you want to know about oil, it will be an important one to read. However, the future of the oil business is interesting because even today a number of car manufacturers have comitted to cease making petrol and diesel vehicles in the future. Consequently, despite the vast amounts of oil which lie waiting to be tapped, the world might not have any need for it. So should you invest in oil?


Monday September 25th, 2017

The Rising Sun,

The Decline and Fall of the Japanese Empire 1936 - 1945.

By John Toland.

The Rising Sun, the Decline and Fall of the Japanese Empire 1936 - 1945 by John Toland


A work of real craftmanship. We've all heard of the Pacific War from the American perspective and all about American heroism on islands such as Iwo Jima, but this is the war from the Japanese perspective. Why they went to war, how they achieved their early successes and why things began to go wrong for them. Personally I think the greatest disadvantage the Japanese military faced was their own Bushido culture. They didn't understand the maxim of 'He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day.' Their personal honour and the need to prove their bravery meant that after a scrap in which they got badly mauled, instead of retreating and getting themselves back into shipshape condition, they threw themselves into attacks which stood absolutely no chance of success. Once the tide turned the Japanese military simply threw their men and materials away. But thinking imaginatively. Supposing that if, for this conflict, you eliminated the Japanese Bushido mentality and also the American atomic bomb, it's not unreasonable to assume that the Japanese would likely have fought America to a standstill. An excellent book for anyone interested in military history. It's a truly great classic.


Tuesday September 26th, 2017

Is this a true likeness of Allah

the Islamic Supreme Being?

Picture of Allah

What do you think?

Death to anyone who disagrees with him?


Wednesday September 27th, 2017

Panzer Commander.

The Memories of Colonel Hans Von Luck.

By Hans Von Luck.

Panzer Commander by Hans Von  Luck

An Excellent Memoir.

I read this several years ago and have been meaning to blog it for some time now. It is an excellent read and essential reading for anyone who wants to see the war from the German perspective. Hans Von Luck fought throughout the war before finally being captured by the Russians and then spending many years in a Russian prisoner of war camp. But one of the most interesting things about this book is that Von Luck was close to Rommel and I believe him when he said that even though he was a senior German officer, he had absolutely no idea of what was happening in the death camps.
           A must for anyone with an interest in military history.


Thursday September 28th, 2017

The Great Bible Misprint.

The Bible

What it should read.

Our father,
Who art in Heaven,
Hallowed by thy name,
Thy Kingdom come,
Thy will be done on earth,
As it is in Heaven.
Give us this day,
Our daily bread,
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those
Who trespass against us,
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from Allah,


Friday September 29th, 2017


Plague, War and Hellfire.

By Rebecca Rideal

1666 Plague War and Hellfire by Rebecca Rideal

A most enjoyable read.

A most enjoyable read. Beginning with the many thousands who died of the plague in 1665, the disasterous defeats in the two Dutch wars in both 1665 and 1666 and then the great blaze which burnt much of London to the ground, this is a detailed account regarding just two significant years in English history. It really is a most interesting book.


Monday October 2nd, 2017


Found this on the net and thought it interesting.
Are true believing Muslims just Satan's patsies?


Tuesday October 3rd, 2017

The Ascent of Man.

By J. Bronowski.

The Ascent of Man by J. Bronowski

Definitely worth watching.

Probably the second of the great colour documentaries which were produced after the introduction of colour television in Britain. The first ‘Civilisation’ was relatively straight forward because everything could be related back to the art of the period or place and it was easy to film the masterpieces, but this second was a problem for people like David Attenboroough because it was about science and how do you do a series on science without boring everybody to death? Bronowski came up with the idea of a documentary about the great thinkers and scientists of the past and detailing their discoveries and so the series was born. Excellent and, even if you consider the thousands of science documentaries which have since been produced, this series is still worth watching.


Wednesday October 4th, 2017

Found this on the net.

Muslim toilets

What does a picture like this say about our society?

           It’s interesting.
           If you used the Hindu Upanishads in a picture like this it would be art as it would be if you used the sacred texts of Buddhism. So really, hate crimes only refer to criticisms of Islam.
           But why is this?
           Is it because the Muslims are unpleasant and aggressive and make a point of complaining to the government about even the slightest of criticisms? (They really love portraying themselves as victims of injustice.)
           Is it because we are afraid of the Muslims and their propensity for violence and are desperately anxious to appease them at every opportunity?
           At the moment my thoughts are that main reason the government is obsessed with appeasing the Muslims is that billions of Muslim petrodollars flow through the British and American banking system every day. Every transaction incurs a fee so if Saudi princes and other leaders in the oil rich Middle East were to be upset with something a British or American citizen said about Islam, they might decide to take their money elsewhere and, such is our dependence on our banks for foreign earnings, such a move might easily bankrupt Britain. It might not bankrupt America but it would certainly hurt it.


Monday October 9th, 2017

H H h H

By Laurent Binet

HHhH by Laurent Binet

The killing of a beast.

An incredible story recounted in a fascinating manner. This is the story of the assassination of Hitler's favourite, Reinhard Heydrich in 1942. (The man or 'beast' who was expected to take over from Hitler when Hitler himself retired.) To know this story you could, if you wished, just look up a boring article on Wikkepedia but to really understand the events and the people involved in true historical perspective, you need a great storyteller with an obsession for both detail and truth. I can confidently say that the tremendous amount of critical acclaim this book has received since it was published is all richly deserved.


Tuesday October 10th, 2017

Voem of the Week.

In a supermarket,
A middle aged man,
Stood with basket,
And a plan,
So when a pretty girl approached,
He on her time encroached,
By her asking to excuse his cheek,
And if he to her could speak.

When the girl asked why,
He refused to lie,
Saying he could his wife not find,
And to the fact he had himself resigned,
He had her somewhere lost,
But he’d learned to his cost,
That if to a pretty girl he spoke,
He the spirits would provoke,
For every time, he would swear,
As if from nowhere,
She tanding very near,
Would magically appear.


Wednesday October 11th, 2017

The Avengers.

With Mrs. Peel.

The Avengers with Mrs. Peel.

Delightfully eccentric.

Fifty one episodes meant that at one a day I had fifty one very enjoyable evenings. A terrific series which after sixty years is still exceptionally entertaining. But what struck me about this is that while I found it easy to remember all the black and white episodes, almost all of the colour ones were new to me once again and this got me thinking. When watching a colour episode there are many demands on the attention span of a viewer as all the colours have to be observed and anything out of place also has to be noted. This requires a great deal of mental effort whereas with a black and white episode, the viewer is able pay a great deal more attention to the plot of the story and is therefore more able to remember it.
           In the old days, all films deemed to be intelligent were made in black and white while all those deemed to be for entertainment only were usually filmed in colour. It was only when the cost of production for a colour film fell to the same as that for a black and white one that black and white disappeared. But, if the lesser demands made on the brain of the viewer by a black and white production enables that viewer to be more able to later recall what they had seen, surely this is something that should be taken on board when it comes to education.
           For example. My idea is that a first class documentary on something complicated such as calculus should be produced. Then, as there are so many schools in this country, at some schools calculus would be taught only as a regular lesson. At some schools calculus would be taught along with a colour version of the documentary and at others, calculus would be taught along with a black and white version of the documentary. Then later, educational authorities would be able to determine which group of students performed best both in initial tests and follow up reviews.
           Could be interesting.
           Mind you, this kind of thing could explain the continual dumbing down of the media. Imagine, for example, a person watching their forty inch high definition television set. The picture is incredible but the amount of brain power needed to absorb the magnificence of the picture leaves little brain power for paying attention to anything else. So as the picture moves forward, frame by frame, the brain is so taken up by what it is being seen that it has little energy left to actually pay much attention to the plot of the story being told. Anything deep or complicated in the story line simply adds pressure to the brain’s processing power and so beyond a certain simplistic level, the brain is just unable to handle the information. Especially as the subtleties of a story line have a tendency to take second place to the incredible pictures being viewed. Brains which are watching a moving and constantly changing high definition colour picture are limited to the amount of extra information they can cope with and so, for the producers of a story, if the attention of the viewer is to be held the best thing is to keep everything as simple and unchallenging as possible. In other words, to keep the viewer interested and prevent them from watching something which is less mentally challenging, they have to dumb their production down as much as possible.
           The human brain, unfortunately, has its limitations and so in any given moment, the more of one thing it has to deal with, the less of something else it can cope with.


Thursday October 12th, 2017

After Life.

After Life.

What Happens to you after you die?

This is a Japanese view which has received a great deal of critical acclaim, but I must say I found it difficult to get into. It's definitely an interesting concept but maybe for other people, not for me.


Friday October 13th, 2017

The attacks of 9/11.

Mohammad Atta.

Where is Mohammad Atta now?


Monday October 16th, 2017


By L. S. Hilton.

Maestra by L. S. Hilton.


This book received pages of critical acclaim, but I find it hard to see why. It's true that it's an easy read but I found it incredibly superficial. A woman writer imagines herself in the fashion centres of the world with an endless amount of money to spend and dreams of the the clothes she would buy, how they would look on her and then the super expensive restraunts she would visit and the delicious morsels she would dine on. What the writer doesn't understand is that to be a seriel killer, somewhere inside one needs a nasty streak, but that doesn't show and anyway, it would be humanly impossible for a person to go from an ambitious executive keen to please her superiors to a cold blooded killer in a single step. However, if you are a woman in need of something to stimulate your imagination so you can make the most of your battery powered dildo, there's quite a bit here for you.


Tuesday October 17th, 2017

Question: What is a motor car?

Answer: A taxman's cow on wheels.

                                                                                        (The 2 Ronnies)


Thursday October 19th, 2017

The Truth About Muhammad.

The founder of the world's most Intolerant Religion.

By Robert Spencer.

The Truth About Muhammad  by Robert Spencer.

Very disappointing.

After being so impressed by 'Inside Islam', I was expecting great things from this book but found it convoluted and quite difficult to read. Although there are plenty of facts, as a book I feel it jumps around a great deal and certainly lacks fluidity. Factual it may be, but well written it is not.


Friday October 20th, 2017


By Ned Beauman.

Glow by Ned Beauman.

Not my kind of novel.

This book received a great deal of critical acclaim especially from the broadsheets, but I couldn't get into. It was certainly different and had some interesting points but I like a good yarn and so dislike witers who say everything in the present tense to try and make the reader 'live the experience'.


Friday October 27th, 2017

Bad Science.

By Ben Goldacre.

Bad Science by Ben Goldacre.

No Comment.

I was going to say plenty of positive things about this book but when I got to the end I found myself confronted by the author's stupid face just leering out at me. When reading a book I am interested in what is in the author's mind and totally disinterested in their physical appearance and I certainly don't want to see a carefully composed and probably photoshopped image of the said person trying to influence his readers with a (supposedly) pleasing physical appearance. (Note the book Shanteram by Gregory Roberts.) Anyway, to see Goldacre fighting to restore the idea that mercury based amalgam dental fillings are a good thing put him, in my view, beyond the Pale. Psychiatricly speaking, mercury is known to be exceedingly dangerous so to even think of using it in dentistry is surely the mark of a crackpot.)


Monday November 6th, 2017

American Gun Laws.

American Gun Laws.

What's to be done?

Tragic mass shootings in America seem to have become quite common but still there are no laws to outlaw the personal ownership of guns, But if you view any popular Hollywood film you will find it impossible to deny that Americans are hopelessly in love with their guns and any politician who wants to get elected will have to be very careful about what they say when it comes to gun legislation.
           However, on the grounds that an American citizen has to pass a test to drive a car, I see no reason why an American citizen should not also have to pass a government approved test before he or she is allowed to own a gun. Also as there is a difference between the driving skills required for a car and a large truck, tests for guns should be graded according to the power of the gun a citizen wishes to possess, So a simple test on gun safety for someone who only wants to own an air rifle or air pistol can become progressively more detailed and demanding as the power of the gun the individual wants to own increases, Also, like motor vehicles, the individual should have to license each and everyone of their personal firearms every year, That way, headstrong and impulsive people, those who are usually the kind to misuse their firearms, will be less inclined to go through the boring and tedious procedure of acquiring a license to own a firearm and so, come the day they really lose their temper and look for some way of hitting back at a world which refuses to see things their way, there won’t be a gun handy and so they won’t be able to run out and make the world aware of their anger and the fact they exist.
           Misusing a car can be a danger to other citizens and so can the misuse of a firearm, so the legislation applying to both should be similar. The NRA won't like this idea and will argue that official records told Hitler in 1938 about every Jew in Germany who ownwd a gun. But if the government has a national record of gun ownership, it will be easy for them to know if a person judged to be emotionally unstable and violent also owns a gun. They will also know how many and of what type.


Tuesday November 7th, 2017

Why religion exists.

And forever more will do so.

The truth is that I am one of those people who doesn’t believe in life after death. But as I look out my window on a beautiful world and note the passing of time, the idea that I will one day simply cease to exist is a bitter pill to swallow. Worse is the fact that I quite often dwell on the nature of life and the inevitability of death, so this bitter reality pill is something I have to swallow frequently.
           But, if I had a loving wife and some loving children I most certainly would not want to make them swallow my reality pill. I am not a cruel person, I hope, so I would seek out a more acceptable pill for them when it came to thoughts of death and its inevitability. I would encourage them to join a religion, one in which death was more acceptable and simply a doorway into another, happier existence. But then, to make sure the religion pill my wife and children were swallowing was as effective as possible I would have to join that religion too because, by so doing, I would know that I had done my best to make sure that my family didn’t suffer unnecessarily when confronted with the harsh and unpleasant realities of death.


Wednesday November 7th, 2017

JFK Breaking The News.

JFK Breaking The News.

A most interesting documentary.

Not about JFK but how people switched from newspaper news to TV news.


Monday November 13th, 2017

The Filter Bubble.

By Ben Goldacre.

The Filter Bubble by Robert Goldacre.

An important Read.

Every thing you do on line is recorded somewhere and is then used to narrow down what is shown to you next time you decide to surf the web. It isn't just that your on-line profile ensures you only see advertisements about products you are interested in, even the news stories you see are determined by your on line (or google) personna. So there are a lot of stories you are not going to see, not because you are not interested but because your browsing history has shown no interest in these topics, so no one is going to bother showing them to you. The internet is becomming 'tunnel land' and so the more you browse the narrower the field of information you are going to be offered when you ask a question. The more you use the internet the more binding will the chains of your past behaviour become. Once a company like google has pigeonholed you, you will only get information that company thinks your pigeonhole wants. It's a form of Internet prison.


Tuesday November 14th, 2017

The Politically Incorrect Guide To Islam.

By Robert Spencer.

The Politically Incorrect Guide To Islam by Robert Spencer.

An eye opener. Not to be missed.

What is Islam really all about? There's what the Muslims tell us and there's what the telegenic, smiley-faced, politically correct, high status people in the media tell us. But the incredible material wealth of Western society has caused us all to get something of a guilt complex. We love to find fault with ourselves, even when there is no fault to find. We seem to see ourselves as morally inferior to everyone else so when others point the finger at us and call us 'racist' ot 'Islamophobic' we curl up in shame and do everything we can to prove we're not. Well it's about time we woke up to the truth about ourseves and others. We weren't perfect but instances of imperfection doesn't mean we were all bad. An ideological war between Islam and Christianity has been raging for the last fourteen hundred years and it is still in progress. Your nice friendly Muslim next door is under the control of his clerics and what it says in the Koran and in this book you will find out a lot about what it says in the Koran - and it's not what those friendly, nice looking people on TV have been telling us. Jihadi John, for example, believed implicity in the Koran, the word of Allah, and simply did what this sacred book told him to do. In terms of what the Koran expects from its adherents, Jihadi John was a good Muslim though it is also true to say that in terms of what the Western World expects from a Muslim, he was a bad Muslim.


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