Lucan, Not Guilty by Sally Moore.

Lucan, NOt Guilty by Sally Moore

This is a fascinating book. Although I wasnít there and donít actually know, I now believe Lord Lucan was not guilty. I would even bet on it. But the inquest appears to have been a travesty of justice. I believe this because all an inquest should have determined was that Sandra Rivett was murdered by person or persons unknown. It should most certainly not have pointed the finger at Lord Lucan because that was the job of the police and a court of justice.
           However, one of the pieces of evidence which interest me most is the broken crockery at the foot of the basement stairs because this strongly suggests that Sandra Rivett came down into the basement, saw something which surprised her and this caused her to drop the tray she was carrying. Another interesting piece of evidence is the fact that itís impossible for someone to bludgeon another person to death and not find themselves covered in blood, but Lord Lucan stayed in the house for more than an hour after the murder and left no traces of the victimís blood anywhere he was known to have been.
           There is also the fact that the rather disturbed wife would have known that by simply accusing her husband of the murder he would never, ever gain custody of the children and that would have been a strong motivation for her to accuse him.
           There are, if you like, many reasons why I believe Lord Lucan was not guilty, but I also believe that he died on the night of the murder and that is why there has been no progress in this case. But, with modern DNA discoveries, surely the police could re-examine the evidence and determine who the various traces of blood actually belonged to and this might establish whether or not another person was present in the house.
           Good book.