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Bonjour! C'est Moi.

Please, have a heart,
For don't you know,
That it's no fun to be a fart,
Because although,
At my maker all will stare,
I alas am only air,
With a natural blend,
Which seems to all offend.
And when my creation makes its sound,
It does all around astound,
Then as through the air I waft,
On my way aloft,
Those who can't themselves contain,
Loudly do complain,
Saying that my stink,
Means they from me must shrink,
So life for me alas, so lonely,
I'm melon-choly,
And sympathy,
For me,
Is something all refuse,
Saying I their noses don't amuse.
So please, a kindly thought,
Would mean I count for more than nought,
And this my spirit will uplift,
As through the air around I drift.