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Did I hear correctly?

National Lottery - Camelot.

The news does me rock,
So I stagger round in shock.
For the church,
Does make my reason lurch.
Because they gambling decry,
And say we away from it should shy,
As it does our way corrupt,
And our social world disrupt.

But as beliefs are fragile,
Satan with a subtle smile,
Does holy men beguile.
For there to money is profile,
Which spirit does defile,
And makes words sterile.
For when one does amounts compile,
It is the spirit's way futile.

For money causes all their souls to screen,
And many things remain unseen.
And as the spirit's words had not the future seen,
With a speed which was obscene,
Camelot did intervene,
And proved money was both king and queen,
When it turned a dream which was serene,
Into something quite unclean.


The above was written in 1996, not long after the lottery had been legalised and many respectable publications such as The Times lauded the government’s decision. But this event was just another step on a long downward social spiral. For example, in 1956 when Premium Bonds were first introduced, some politicians insisted that Premium Bonds were a thin edge of the wedge and, in consequence, it wouldn’t be long before there was a casino or gambling establishment on every street corner. Sadly, we now do have gambling establishments on almost every corner and betting shops on almost every street. Places where citizens frequently lose far more than they can afford to lose. They therefore have less money to spend on essentials and those things in life which count for more.
           But sadly, the government likes this. The government, in fact, is the sleeping partner of every gambling establishment in the country. Betting shops and casinos have to pay a win tax which means that for every pound a customer loses, a percentage of that, often as much as 30%, is given straight to the government. As far as the lottery is concerned, Camelot has to give 10% of every pound they collect straight to the government, no ifs, buts or maybes. It’s all just a surreptitious form of taxation which is referred to by many as the Stupidity Tax because only stupid people try to beat the mathematically inbuilt house advantage..
           All in the name of good causes? What good causes?