Lottery Lies.

Defeat the lottery

In the Catholic faith there is the sin of omission and if the UK were a Catholic country, the lottery people would all be condemned to an eternity in hell because of the things they have omitted to tell those who buy lottery tickets. Failure to tell the whole truth is not a crime in a Capitalist society. It is deemed to be business but that has unfortunately resulted in Britain gradually deteriorating into an extremely dishonest society.
           Truth in the lottery is simple. The odds against winning the euromillions, for example, are 116 million to one and because tickets cost £2 each, the prize pool has to be at least £236 million before it can begin to be a fair bet. But how can lottery officials, most of whom are actually high status members of our society, have the gall to tell people a lottery ticket is a good buy when the pool is often £23 million or less? Less than 10% of what it should be for it to be a fair bet!
           With the Camelot lottery the situation is the same. The chances of winning are 14 million to one and as each ticket costs £2, The prize pool should be £28 million or more for it to be worth someoneís while to buy a ticket.
           I would have thought that university professors would have only been too happy to advise the public on when and when not to buy a lottery ticket, but I and many others have been deafened by their silence. But then donít universities get plenty of money from lottery grants? And, are these grants simply a way of making sure that those in the know keep their mouths shut? (I would love to know the exact figures.)