Personal Blog.


All this colour is arresting,
So it seems papers now are interesting.
But while in '68 the news I knew,
I thought the papers I outgrew.

But here on the front it says an evil one did murder do,
And detectives want to know who.
Yes my old mate,
I read that in sixty eight

I also see a politician is in trouble,
And he on his perch does wobble.
Yes my old mate,
I read that in '68.

And there is as well of tragedy a story,
With details that are gory.
Yes my old mate,
I read that in '68.

On page two I see a little country's torn by war
And this it does the world deplore.
And also that politicians did a promise make,
But then the people did foresake.

Here a reporter has a handle,
On a great big scandle.
And the figures do define,
Another rise in crime.

There I see that someone who was stoic,
Did a thing which was heroic,
And a new invention,
Is to illness a prevention.

On another page there’s a model with a shape,
Which causes men to gape.
And a celebrity is in love,
But to them their lover gave a shove.

Towards the back it says the latest car,
Is the best by far.
Yes of course my old mate,
I read that in '68.

While on the back there's a story of a goal,
Which the football limelight stole.
Yes, yes, my old mate,
I read it all in sixty eight.

All the stories are the same,
It seems they did the people just rename.
So as I see there's nothing new,
My acquaintance with the press I'll not renew.