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Why masturbation is wrong.

I do not say that masturbation is evil or against Godís law, only that the denial of the masturbatory urges can be a key to success in the future. From the time puberty arrives an individualís desire to masturbate can often become almost overwhelming, but resisting the temptation develops strength of mind. Every time the temptation is resisted, the mind becomes stronger and people with strong minds are always more successful than people with weaker minds. The stronger the mind, the more dominant the individual and if the mind becomes strong enough, the individual becomes a leader - a person everybody else looks up to.
           It has to be remembered that people go to gyms or play sports to develop physical strength and fitness, but mental strength and stamina come from practising the ability to say NO to oneself.
           Obviously it may not be possible for youngsters to deny the urge every single time, especially with the temptations which abound in modern society, but the more often an individual can say no to the masturbatory urges, the more powerful their mind will become.
           Some have insisted that such self-denial is likely to bring on a mental or emotional neurosis of some kind. But nothing could be further from the truth because when the strain does get to be too much, the Succubus will relieve the stress by visiting in the form of a wet dream. Sadly, the Succubus is demanding and will not come either on request or demand, but the Succubus will always protect an individual from any excessive denial of the sexual urges.
           In consequence, when it comes to masturbation, youngsters should be encouraged to just say no to their urges because by doing so they will grow mentally stronger on a day by day basis.