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Matrimonial difficulties.

Due to an ailment,
To a psychiatrist a woman went,
‘Doctor, doctor,’ she cried,
As in agony she sighed,
She was in pain,
As sex with hubby was a strain,
There was no reward
So both she and he were bored,
But she was sure,
The doctor could her cure.

'Mmm,' the doctor said,
‘I assume you make love in bed,’
But searching for the problem’s root,
He was unsure of his route
So he many questions plied,
As he tried,
The problem to uncover,
So he could a cure discover.
So hoping there was no objection,
He asked the question.

‘Do you ever watch your husband’s face
When in lovemaking you embrace?’
‘I did once, she replied,’
Trying to her face not hide,.
‘And how did he look?’ He inquired.
As he this fact required,
‘Very, very angry,’ the lady sobbed,
‘So in fear my heart it throbbed.’
'And what,' the doctor asked, ' were the circumstances,
Which seemed to cause him grievances?'

‘Well,’ the woman said,
Her face a little red,
‘It was a blow,
For I could see,
Him watching me,
Through our bedroom window.’