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A Great British Hero.

Neville Chamberlain - A great British hero.

Passion you will see,
Even history can distort,
For when some with words make free,
They oft the facts contort,
So our view when looking back,
Often much does lack.

So Chamberlain do you realise,
Was in truth a leader wise,
And so we should not to him be rude,
As we owe him gratitude,
And none the truth will please,
When they say he did appease.

For Versailles it was built,
In ways which filled all except the French with guilt,
So when the Rhineland Hitler did remilitarise,
Our guilt did us of strength deprive,
And anyway nought was wronged,
As the Rhineland to Germany belonged.

Then as Hitler's military growth did treaties break,
Few did before his army quake,
For as Versailles did so much demand,
It was hard to Hitler reprimand,
And besides, with Stalin a disarmed Germany,
Could threaten Europe free.

Then when Austria with Hitler did assimilate,
This still did not a problem make,
For though the wise could see,
Some skullduggery,
On the whole the Austrian masses did delight,
In joining in with German might.

Then in Czechoslovakia Hitler had a case,
As those who had a German face,
Wanted to be in again a German zone,
And a place to call home,
But this legacy of the past, the wisest thing to do,
Hardly anybody knew.

But it was here Chamberlain saw,
That Hitler really wanted war,
But what could he have dared,
With a Britain unprepared?
For if he tried to make a stand,
Hitler would his weakness understand.

Hitler also seemed intent to fight,
For what many thought was right,
And remember most did then expect,
That the agreement Hitler would respect.
So though it many did astound,
Chamberlain to Hitler ceded ground.

For Chamberlain was steady,
He knew Britain was for war unready,
So a British army weak,
Forced him to be meek,
And he to Hitler threw a sop,
Until ready to him stop.

But to many this was fine,
As diplomacy bought some time.
Time for Britain to rearm,
Before Hitler could more harm,
So once at home Chamberlain did resources pour,
To where Britain could of might have more.

Then came Poland,
And here Chamberlain in strength did stand.
And Chamberlain did war declare,
When Hitler tried to him outstare,
As now at last Britain had some might,
And could evil fight.

Then came the stalemate,
Hitler forced to our strength appreciate,
And all the world did know,
Hitler now could nowhere go,
For Chamberlain with an army strong,
Could him stop from doing wrong.

But although Hitler now was stuck,
He was alas not out of luck,
As he saw something no one else could see,
Something which did with logic disagree,
But enabled him to go round the back,
So he could British might could attack.

Then as on us disaster fell,
We ran for home pell-mell.
And ever since Chamberlain,
The world for that does blame.
So the purpose of this song,
Is to tell the world it's wrong.

For reality you see,
Means no one can the future see,
And though Churchill's endless talk of war,
To many was a bore,
His words did not on deaf ears fall,
As Chamberlain himself did for conscription and rearmament call.

And so here I think it's fair to say,
In the Ardennes was where our problems lay,
For as our generals over maps did pour,
This not one foresaw.
So Hitler took us by surprise,
And we could a defence not improvise.

But if that ploy had been foreseen,
By those whose minds were keen,
Hitler's war would have fizzled out,
Because he the British Lion tried to flout,
And in charge was Chamberlain who built a nation strong,
So in the end British soldiers German streets could throng.