Nuclear power

and the lies politicians tell.

Do you hear the advocates of nuclear power telling us how wonderful the future is going to be with nuclear power?
             They are lies.
             They show us diagrams of future power stations and conveniently forget to tell us that many of these diagrams show thorium reactors and not nuclear reactors as the word is generally understood.
             As non scientists we have an understanding that when politicians speak of nuclear power, they are talking about fission power stations such as fast breeder and light water reactors. The same as they had in Fuckushima.
             But although thorium is a form of nuclear power, it is completely different to fission and by trying meld the two together, the politicians are deliberately trying to confuse the people. That means they are lying.
             Fisssion power is much, much more expensive than thorium will be. In fact, it is quite feasible for companies offering to build a fission nuclear power station for the nation to actually build it for almost free. The reason is that we will be locked into a long term fuel contract and itís the fuel that is expensive. An opportunity for the companies, especially the CEOs and other executives, to make oodles of money from the tax payer.
             Fundamentally, nuclear power, as the word is generally understood, does NOT mean thorium. Thorium is a different kind of nuclear power and one that I am very much in favour of. But I am not in favour of a traditional nuclear power plants and although it might be necessary to build one or two while we wait for thorium reactors to become a reality, the politicians should drive a hard, hard bargain and make sure we get them as cheaply as possible. (We need a Scrooge in Westminster.)
             Also, we donít want any explosions like they had at Fukushima even though, according to Kirk Sorensen, it wasnít nearly as bad as it looked.
             To find out more about thorium, the new kind of nuclear power, visit Kirk Sorensenís website.
             There are a substantial number of videos for you to watch and although they are all rather scientific, itís easy enough to let the science go over your head and still grasp the essence of what Sorensen is speaking about. It's really good stuff.
             Kirk Sorensen is the true hero of thorium and itís best if we donít forget.

Kirk Sorensen on Thorium

---March 30, 2014---

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