A Modern British Fable.

In Tory Land,
It does Capitalism stand,
But a cow, an ass and a dog,
Through their days did slog,
Leading lives quite crappy,
And exceedingly unhappy.

So one day themselves in bravery they draped,
And to the wilds escaped,
So they could at last be free,
From the drudgery,
And they then the time did pass,
Living lives of class.

But alas the winter came,
And did their spirits tame,
So they did in mind not lack
Thoughts of going back,
But who was best,
To the situation test?

The dog he did decide,
He into Tory Land could slide,
So he volunteered,
And him the others cheered,
So without delay,
He set off upon his way.

But soon he was back,
With an expression black,
In Tory Land the situation dark,
Dogs not allowed to bark,
And he demanded one windbag,
Dogs all day their tails should wag.

But hunger comes with snow,
So the cow said it would go,
And at the situation have a look,
So it off itself betook.
But soon returned,
Saying that place should by all be spurned.

For to Tories an ideal,
Was anyone its milk could steal,
So those who were with machines equipped,
All its teats had cruelly gripped,
Then they all the milk did take,
So they could money make.

So said the cow,
All the past should disavow,
The wilds were rough,
And maybe also tough,
But a better life,
Was worth the strife.

But after a while,
Memories did the ass beguile,
He thought Tory Land may have changed,
By hunger, his mind perhaps deranged,
So he set off without delay,
Upon his way.

But he was gone for a while,
So the dog and cow both ceased to smile,
And as the absence was prolonged,
For their friend they longed,
But one day he suddenly was back,
And horror stories did not lack.

For in Tory Land,
All had said the ass was best,
And for the leadership could stand,
So the election should contest.
And now to his friends the ass he did confide,
He won with a landslide.

---March 21, 2014---

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