Jewish Homeland
and the Jewish Homeland

which never happened.

Jewish Homeland

Shortly after the Ukraine had been liberated from the Germans, a paper was drafted by intellectuals which proposed that after the deportation from the Crimea of the Crimean Tartars, the Crimea be made a Jewish Soviet Republic within the Soviet Union.

When he received this paper Stalin saw it as a plot by American Zionists. He believed American Zionists were trying to set up a Jewish state in the Crimea in order to wrest the Crimea away from the soviet Union and establish an outpost of American imperialism on Russian shores. An outpost which would pose a direct threat to the soviet Union.

According to Khrushchev, Stalin let his imagination run wild with the possibilities of what might happen if this were to be allowed and so needless to say, all involved in producing the paper were arrested and shot. (Except one who was exiled and only released when Stalin died.)

Krushchev Remembers

page 228

(An utterly fascinating book.)

---March 15, 2014---

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