Why we can't trust

Angela Merkel.

No one can deny that Angela Merkel speaks English beautifully but we cannot allow ourselves to be seduced by the lovely sound of her voice. Angela Merkel is not to be trusted.

The reason Angela Merkel cannot be trusted is because she is German and is therefore duty bound to do the best she can for Germany, even if that means taking advantage of gullible British politicians and journalists.

Britain in the EU is good for Germany. Britain is a major net contributor to the organization and has been since it first joined. If Britain were to leave, Germany would have to make up the difference and so of course, Angela Merkel is using all her feminine charms to try and flatter us and tell us we are important to Europe. She has even gone so far as to tell us that Europe needs us!

Ha, ha ha! What a joke! Angela Merkel doesn’t want the German people to have to pay Britain’s share of EU contributions, and so she will do anything she can to persuade us to stay.

But membership of the EU is not good for Britain. Britain is better off outside the European Union and it is time for British people to consider the best interests of their own nation rather than putting the best interests of other European countries before their own.

It seems to me and also to many others that the European Union is milking Britain. It looks on us as a cash cow while treating us with disrespect. Look at the boos and other insults hurled at UKIP politicians in Brussels when they try to speak on almost any topic. We are offshore islanders and therefore not a part of mainland Europe. The fact that we’re an island means we’re outsiders and so no one living in mainland Europe is really interested in what we think or have to say. They just want our money.

So don’t trust Angela Merkel and other European Union politicians who try to flatter us. They have ulterior motives.

---March 2, 2014---

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