Shock Horror!

Do you bank with Barclays?

The managerial classes are taking over!

It was reported in the Daily Telegraph today that the amount of money Barclays Bank has put aside for executive bonuses was almost TRIPLE the amount put aside for shareholder dividends. Worse is the fact that we’re not talking about the multi million pound salaries here, only the

It seems the managing directors of Barclays are keen to hire the best brains because only the best brains can find plausible ways of stealing from the actual owners of the bank.

The moral of this story is that if, for some reason, you decide to bank with Barclays, you should double check your statements very carefully. Who knows what tricks the best brains in the world can come up with to cheat unsuspecting customer without them noticing.

Also, such is bad feeling generated by Barclays, it would be best if you thought twice before using your Barclays debit or credit card in a public place. At the very least, people might laugh at you.


Best Brains Needed at Barclays.

All the scams Barclays have pulled in the past have been discovered, compensation has been paid and the bank, or actually the shareholders, have been heavily fined.

But, the executives who thought up the scams in the first place and got super big bonuses for supposedly improving the bank's profitability, have walked off into the sunset with all their ill gotten gains in their pockets and have suffered no comebacks whatsoever. So also have those members of staff who got good commissions for using doubtful sales techniques in their efforts to persuade unsuspecting customers to actually sign on the dotted line.

But now best brains are sought by present executives so they can think up new scams safe in the knowledge that the regulators won't find out for a considerable amount of time and when they do, all the people who got super big bonuses for thinking up what appeared to be genuine profit making strategies, will have moved on with their money safely tucked away. Once again, only the shareholders will suffer.


But was it any different under the Pharaohs?

---February 11, 2014---

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