Will the government
just take money from
your bank account?

Look at what happened in Cyprus!

At present the British and American levels of debt are unmanageable. Short of a miracle they have to eventually collapse. So what are the governments going to do?

To protect society and world civilisation, thereís only one thing they can do. Take money from the people to cover as much of the debt as possible. Printing money and inflating their way out of trouble is not really an option. Modern society depends on debt and what would happen to the banks and all the other people who have lent money? All outstanding loans would become worthless.

Taking money out of bank accounts is the only real option and as it worked in Cyprus, many in government believe that it would also work here.

Donít believe me?

Why do you think the government has begun arming the police with water cannon?

I would imagine that the best jobs in the future will be in the police. Police people wonít suffer because the government will need their support. If they started taking money from the bank accounts of police people, they might well find the police unwilling to obey orders.

What would the government do if the police refused to use water cannon against infuriated demonstrators rampaging through the streets of all our major cities?


The future is a closed book and we do have to prepare for both the expected and the unexpected. But as it stands at the moment, American debt levels are totally unmanageable in the long-term and if the American economy were to fail, it would take the economies of the world with it.

The only real way out, for both Britain and America, is likely to be the Cypriot option. A hard and unpleasant choice, but what other option is available to those who would keep society functioning and in one piece?

---February 6, 2014---

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