Why Britain
can safely tax
the rich

We live in a globalised society and the super rich need to travel the world for both business and pleasure.

Look at any atlas or globe and you will see, in but a moment, that for those who travel the world, London is clearly the best place to be .

Whether they want to go to New York or Moscow, China or Los Angeles, Australia, India, the Middle East, anywhere in Africa, Mexico, Brazil or Argentina, where better to live than in London?

Of course, every time the government mentions the idea of raising taxes for the super rich, they all jump up and down and say theyíll leave the country if such a thing were to happen. But thatís only self-protection.

Ask yourself, if they want to be centrally situated so they can travel the globe at a momentís notice, where else can the rich live?

Iím not suggesting that we take unfair advantage of our location with draconian tax measures, but I certainly think the rich could made to contribute more to British society with higher taxes. If they want to be in the centre of a globalised world, they have to live near London and so if their taxes are raised by a reasonable amount, regardless of what Boris Johnson and his friends might say, they really have no option but to stay and pay.

---February 2, 2014---

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