Booze, booze, booze.


Diageo tries to the world get drunk,
Do you smell a skunk?
And if you would in it invest,
Would you easy rest?
All eggs in one basket,
Surely anyone would fret.

Booze, booze,
Always in the news,
And usually it’s bad,
With a story sad,
And oft Diageo's to blame,
A corporation steeped in shame.

But Diageo will tell a lie,
And responsibility deny,
A multinational giant,
Its purchased image radiant,
So all round you hear the cries,
‘Hey! We’re the good guys.’

Diageo says it doesn’t sin,
But eleven brands of beer, four of gin,
Four liqueurs, four of rum,
And five of vodka,
All promising Elysium,
Make profits dance a polka.

But mostly whiskey is its game,
And you might think it quite insane,
More than twenty five whiskies,
To round the world all drunkards tease,
Tempting all to call for more,
As they stumble round the floor.

But look around,
There’s more to be found,
Take Dom Perignon,
Diageo’s major prize,
To sobriety the demon,
Which drunkenness does glamorise.


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---February 2, 2014---

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