Independence for Scotland?

What about independence for Kent?

If the people of Scotland are being offered a referendum on independence, surely the people of Kent should also be offered the opportunity for independence.

If Kent was an independent entity, funds could be raised by putting a toll on traffic using the Channel Tunnel and also on the ferries to and from Dover. So much could be raised in this manner that all taxes for Kentish folk might even be abolished.

Breaking free from Westminster would also mean that the people of Kent wouldn’t have to be dictated to by a bunch of people with questionable morals. People who have a habit of forcing themselves onto our television screens and then, after smiling nicely, insist on answering the question they wish they’d been asked by a journalist rather than the question they actually were asked.

So shouldn’t the people of Kent be asked if they want independence?

But when did you ever hear Westminsterians talk about a referendum on the issue of independence for Kent?

I Love KIM.

Kent Independence Movement.

---January 30, 2014---

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