Christian eats Muslim

Has Armageddon arrived?

Since the news of a Christian eating the leg of a Muslim was first broadcast last Monday I have been telling my friends that such an act is akin to the crossing of a Rubicon or the assassination of an Arch Duke Ferdinand.

The deed has been done and there is no going back.

Not that anyone took me seriously. But you will see from yesterday’s Taliban attack in Afghanistan that the stakes have been raised. This wasn’t a car bomb in a market place or a shootout with some army grunts, this was a calculated, well planned attempt to damage the infrastructure of Afghanistan’s governing elite.

In my opinion, this was only the first of attacks which, rather than being intended to make a statement and attract attention, are designed to inflict some real damage.

Thanks to the folly of a single person, I'm sure we can expect to see a lot more of this in the future.

---January 18, 2014---

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