Why we can't

If we buy replacement Trident missiles, we will never be able to use them, so they will be a complete waste of money.

If we used a Trident missile against anybody we’d kill vast numbers of innocent children, vast numbers of innocent babies and vast numbers of pregnant women. But do we, as a nation, want to be guilty of such a crime against humanity?

Worse is the fact that any potential enemy would know that we couldn’t use our Tridents and so they’d know all our nuclear posturings were nothing but empty threats.

We might be able to buy battlefield nuclear weapons such as the Davey Crocket, but Trident missiles are only for the dreamers in Westminster.

But why should we, the taxpayers, pay so much for Westminster egos?

If you can't make up your mind try:

Threads. 01:52 mins.

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Both are well worth watching.


Nuclear Winter documentary.

---January 16, 2014---

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