Is America
A nation of

Anyone who has been to America will know that it is stunningly, stunningly beautiful. The natural beauties are, in fact, enough to ‘blow your brains’ or ‘knock your socks off’. Choose any analogy you like.

But look at what America’s artists are doing?

They are virtually ignoring the natural beauties of their homeland and focusing on that which is materialistic and money making.

To an American, a person who lives in a country which is beautiful beyond belief, whether something is beautiful or not clearly depends on how much money it is worth. (They live lives the worths of which are valued in (paper) dollars!!!!!!!!)

But in the final analysis America is a country which was populated by the peasantry of Europe and although their descendants might quick, intelligent, strong willed and clever, if you look at their art you will find it hard not to conclude that in their soul of souls, they are still peasants.

Americans, believe it or not, are people who hold poetry seminars in Las Vegas!! A city known to some as Las Vulgas, the world's centre of crassness and vulgarity.

(Though interestingly, an acquaintance described the majority of Americans, and Europeans, as concrete monkeys. They live in concrete jungles and nature, to them, is something they only ever see from their car windows. Even on grass near their home there is likely to be a 'do not walk on the grass' notice. They, the majority, are totally out of touch with nature and, as mass causes gravitation, they influence those who do live in the country with their ideas. This, my acquaintance explained, is why we now live in a crackpot society where everyone has developed an absolute obsession for coloured pieces of paper called money.)

---January 7, 2014---

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