And the future
World economy.

The new battles of Falujah show Al Qaeda have a motto: If at first you donít succeed, try, try again.

Despite their previous defeats, they haven't given up and still donít seem to be short of fighters, guns or ammunition. So perhaps the world should start rethinking the future.

For example, how long can the remarkably efficient security services of Britain and America continue to hold the Al Qaeda threat at bay? If Al Qaeda is going to try and try again, at what point will the continued assaults become too tiring to bear?

Doesnít look good to me. Not at the moment anyway.


Remember, no matter what the war, not a single bullet leaves the factory without being paid for by somebody. So somebody is making a lot of money out of Al Qaeda and who knows, maybe you will see some of these people or their relatives next time you have cause to go shopping in Oxford Street. As they have so much money, you might even see them (unknowingly) on television at some grand charity dinner or other.

---January 2, 2014---

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