Fukushima disaster

An old fashioned nuclear reactor!

Stupidity in the modern age?

As many have been keen to point out, the Fukushima disaster is the result of very old nuclear technology. But for some reason, instead of moving with the times, the world has insisted on staying with the old.

Sadly, there is so much dishonesty in this world, that many vested interests are continuing to try and persuade world governments to stay with old fashioned Fukushima type nuclear reactors.

Thorium power is the latest development in nuclear power. It is a form of nuclear power but one that is not nearly as dangerous as the old technology. It is also far cheaper to build and run and does not leave the world with the problem of spent fuel rods. It is, for these reasons, one that I am strongly in favour of.

But why is the government insisting on building an old style light water reactors when they could move to thorium? Is it money and the power of vested interests insisting on staying with nuclear reactors they can make money out of?

Who knows?

But to find out more about thorium you should look on the internet for anything by Kirk Sorensen and also try this link in particular.


(If I had the power to dish out Nobel Prizes or knighthoods, Kirk Sorensen would certainly be among the top contenders and I'm sure that when you've seen the documentary, you'll agree with me.)

This is Kirk Sorensen's web site address with a list of all the vidoes.

Kirk Sorensen

---January 1, 2014---

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