So what's the secret deal
between Barclays Bank
And the BBC?

The BBC is giving Barclays Bank executives plenty of air time and worse, theyíre being given a really easy ride. Anything these executives want to say is meekly accepted by the BBC presenters and passed on to listeners as statements the BBC approves of! Itís a golden opportunity for the criminals at Barclays Bank to once again hoodwink the people.

On this morningís Today Programme for example, Barclayís Antony Jenkins virtually had his backside licked by the presenters and so, one has to ask, what is the secret deal?

A.J. himself almost certainly knew all the questions he was going to be asked and then, no doubt, consulted expensive media consultants on the best things to say. He may even have consulted a number of focus groups. Then, having decided on the image he intended to portray, he probably took lessons on how to make himself sound good on radio.

Itís disgusting!

But, although the people, mostly the poorer ones, pay for the BBC, many are convinced the people at the BBC just laugh at License Fee payers and view them as insignificant nobodies. But thatís power for you. The law says you have to buy a license and thereís nothing you can do about it if you donít want to go to prison.

Sadly, we live in an extremely dishonest society and only a fool would think that it can last.

---December 31, 2013---

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