The M&S boycott.

No wonder people are refusing to shop at M&S.

Imagine it.

You go into the food hall and put a ham, some bacon or maybe some pork pies into your basket and then, after queuing up at the checkout and politely waiting your turn, the checkout person refuses to serve you because they are Muslim and your purchases are, to Muslims, unclean. You then have to go and wait your turn at another checkout.

Who wants to be bothered with something like that?

I don't think Jewish people would be allowed to refuse to serve a person who buys pork products Ė and if that isnít a cause for wonder, what is? (But maybe it's only because there's no oil in Israel!)

The worst of it is the fact that if you buy a product which a Muslim believes to be unclean, you must be, by association, also unclean in the Muslim mind. So if you see a Muslim sneering at you because youíve got some bacon in your shopping basket, they have the right. In todayís paranoid society, you have to be sensitive to other peopleís sensitivities - especially if they don't have white skin. In such an instance, it will all have been your fault for actually allowing a Muslim to see the bacon in your basket.

But where will it end? One imagines that soon British people will not be allowed to walk their dogs down streets on which Muslims live. Dogs to Muslims are unclean and so if you own a dog, you too are likely to be considered unclean to a Muslim mind and so Muslims will not want you walking down their street.

(Remember that in the secret recesses of a Muslimís mind, words like unclean can easily become words like filthy, disgusting and perhaps even despicable and, if that happens, names like Al Qaeda and Boko Haram are very likely to take on auras of beauty and perfection.).


---December 23, 2013---

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