Do you hate advertisements?

Iíd like to clap and clap and clap,
The best ever surfing app,
Adblock plus,
Without a fuss,
Means not a single ad,
And that surely canít be bad.

So Iíll say with zest,
It must, must be the best,
Advertisers tried too much to dare,
So now of ads my screen is bare,
I love it, I love it, I love it,
I happily this admit.


But, could the government make it illegal for us to use Adblock plus?

Think of facebook, its super-high share price and the fact it depends on advertising revenues!

What about Twitter and Google who also depend on advertising revenues?

With Ad block plus I donít see any ads at all. Itís as simple as that. It also works well with Google Chrome and Iíve just installed it on my mobile phone. In consequence, if the government allow it, which I suppose they must, itís a game changer. The rules for making money on the internet must henceforth be different.

As a matter of interest I thought I'd mention that that the Android ad blocker didn't work. Everytime I installed it and got it working, someone at Android came along and disabled it. So I won't be buying an Android appliance in the future.

---December 13, 2013---

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