The Vegetable Screen.

Few still speak with derision,
When it comes to television,
But it the masses keeps docile,
For the rich want not workers volatile,
Better if their minds are blank,
Behind the eyes, a fogbank.

So politicians and the rich proclaim,
All television should acclaim,
For though intelligence it drains,
It entertains,
And as for some thinking causes pain,
It tries to as well some things explain.

As the majority won't think,
There's TV and groupthink,
Meaning TV does the people lead,
To where it them with thoughts can feed,
And with their spirits all in prison,
There'll at last be unison.

Democracy can then move ahead,
With votes from minds like lead,
And politicians who take the prize,
Will be those who most advertise,
And it's here donations count,
As it's all about the amount.

So politicians try the rich to please,
And try their paths to ease,
Royal Mail a gift,
To give the super rich a lift,
Though some crumbs for the poor,
So they could dishonesty abjure.

Now Royal Mail to the rich belongs,
Of all the British wrongs,
This must be the worst,
Democracy is surely cursed,
For when thinking of the word 'steal',
The situation quite surreal.

But when their malts they drink,
Politicians think,
It with TV will be all right,
They'll just show the masses pictures bright,
And the clever words will all persuade,
None did honesty downgrade.

For the contributions,
From financial institutions,
Will pay to advertise,
What they should the people prize,
After which minds of lead,
Will vote and go to bed.

Minds of lead,
All mostly dead,
In a democracy the unthinking majority,
Have the authority,
While thinkers do not count,
Their thoughts of no account.

---November 24, 2013---

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