Royal Mail shares.

Can some applicants
sue the government?

The Royal Mail privatization was probably the worst privatization of a valued national asset in British history. Historians are unlikely to look kindly on the likes of David Cameron and his cabinet.

The available shares were so over-subscribed that it was beyond doubt the price would rise sharply and, surprise, surprise, most of the shares were held back by the government so they could be sold, at a low price, to the very rich. The very rich, as you can see, made absolutely loads of money.

Those who were not very rich were allowed to make a few pennies while the poor people, those who couldnít afford to spend a full £750 on shares, made absolutely nothing.

In order to protect the number of shares the government could give to the extremely rich, ordinary people were LIMITED to a maximum of £750 each!

Does anybody really believe that this was honestly done? Does anyone really think the politicians acted in the best interests of the British people Ė the people who elected them?

But the worst thing was that private individuals who tried to invest £10,000 or more were bluntly told that they were going to get nothing!! That was so, so unfair that these people almost certainly have a legal claim against the government. Iíd be surprised if they donít.

But what is even more surprising is that people who could afford to apply for £10,000 or more Royal Mail shares are probably all Conservative voters, so if you wagering on the next election you should definitely take this into account.

---October 14, 2013---

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