Halifax Overdraft Rates.


To money do our bankers kneel?

Do they from the people steal,
And make of innocence a meal?

Do they the truth conceal,
When to the Capitalist ideal,
They appeal,
And does it fire for greed their zeal,
To hear the people squeal?


People who, to tide them over till payday, overdraw a little at Halifax or NatWest pay a lot more in interest rates than those who borrow the same amount from Wonga or Payday loans.

Check it out and see for yourself.

But this is the posh Royal Bank of Scotland which has friends in high places so you donít hear politicians or high ranking bishops even murmur an objection?

Why do you think Fred the Shred was allowed to keep his millions?

Do you have friends in high places?

Did The Guinness Four have friends in high places?

---October 11, 2013---

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