Will Britain be forced
to legalise drugs?

The growing popularity of shisha pipes suggests that many smokers are switching from cigarettes to e-liquids for their nicotine high. They no longer smoke, they vape! On trains when people see me blow clouds of nicotine laced vapour and give me a dirty look, I tell them Iím not smoking, Iím steaming!

But if I, and millions of others, can vape nicotine, whatís to say someone else canít vape cannabis resin, heroin or cocaine? Whoís to know the contents of an e-liquid? Many people vape harmless fruit flavoured e-liquids without any stimulating ingredients, so how will the police know the difference between someone who is innocently vaping a harmless e-liquid and someone who is vaping a fruit flavoured e-liquid laced with essence of heroin, cannabis or cocaine?

An interesting problem for the legislators!

---October 6, 2013---

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