Computer experts steal
from Barclays Bank!

Who cares?

Anybody who has been keeping abreast of the news will know that Barclays bank has been stealing from its customers for years and now weíre all expected to be horrified by the fact some people stole from Barclays!!!

On this blog Iíve listed many of the instances when Iíve felt Barclays Bank has stolen from me, and now the media, by reporting this 'terrible' news, wants me to be upset by the fact some clever people stole from Barclays!!!!

As far as Iím concerned, criminals can steal all they like from Barclays Bank and I certainly wonít stand in their way or report anything I might accidentally see to the police.

Instances in which thieves steal from thieves are really none of my business.

---September 20, 2013---

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