Is austerity
good for Britain?

Should the government cut benefits to the poor and less well off or should it raise taxes on the rich?

I think Lord Sainsbury, Abramovich and all the other very rich people in this country believe that it is better for the unemployed to have their benefits cut.

They think tax increases for the rich are bad for the economy and they are, remember, the ones who Ďadviseí our politicians. Donít you realize that the prices being asked for Rembrandts, Rolls Royces and Rolex watches are continuing to increase? What about the cost of hosting parties on their private yachts, parties to which influential politicians are invariably invited?

No, you can be sure the rich feel that making the poor suffer so that there can be prosperity in the future is definitely the way to go. (They, for their part, will, in the full glare of the media spotlight, occasionally give something to a charitable cause to show that they care. But remember, no media acclaim for their generosity, no charitable gift!)

---September 16, 2013---

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