The evils

of cable networks.

They put these big boxes outside people's homes.
Boxes with heavy duty fans inside.
Fans which operate all day and all night.

But worst of all,
Probably because it's cheaper not to bother,
They don't even try to soundproof them!

Do you really need Broadband?
Do you really need to spend all that money?

I have 3 mobile pay-as-you internet which is very fast and
on ebay, a three month, 3 gig contract only costs 12.

How much internet do you really need?
Do you really NEED cable television?
At least a Sky satellite dish won't drive
your neighbours crazy at night.

But anyway,
Are you sure you're not wasting money subscribing to these services?
Is free to air
with it's large number of TV channels not enough?
You should think about it.
And think about your neighbours as well.


If you think you suffer from tinnitus there is actually a high
probability that the noise which drives you crazy at night, especially
when you are trying to go to sleep, is made by these Virgin and BT humming
internet cable boxes. Boxes these profit hungry corporations don't even
bother to try and soundproof.



What about the internet on your mobile phone?
What about all that free internet you can get in
town with your phone, ipad or similar device?

How much money are you willing to waste on
internet services you don't need?

---August 26, 2013---

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