How will the world end?

The Future.
All would like to see,
What it will the future be,
And many suffer stress,
As they it try to guess,
So all around,
Theories they abound.

I the future do not know,
But what the hell, I'll have a go,
For being as blind as anyone,
I think I'll have some fun,
And you the reader can assess,
The value of my guess.

The global population,
At seven point something billion,
Which in a world democracy,
All to have their say are free,
The majority opinion,
Will have over all dominion.

Though by many satirised,
Society now is globalised,
And intelligence that's average,
Must in time have coverage,
So it does me numb,
How dumb we'll all become.

A democracy,
Can on facebook be mobocracy,
As lower minds their views extol,
And the masses all control,
Then as values are resized,
Thoughts will be despised.

Anyone who dares to think,
Will cause around a stink,
As there'll be a mental norm,
To give society its form,
And it the masses will infuriate,
Should anyone begin to deviate.

But then television,
Minds treats with derision,
It does them mould,
And then blindfold,
So watchers quite compliant,
Will be very pliant.

So the Yellow Brick Road,
At its end a toad,
Has a power which radiates,
Because the toad TV manipulates,
And by making minds deficient,
Ensures all become obedient.

But - then - there's also Yellowstone,
Or perhaps from space a stone,
Or a big sunspot,
Which communications would unknot,
Or the future temperature,
All my thoughts make premature.

Almost anything,
Could be our undoing,
Possibly a war,
Could us apart rip to the core,
I do not know, I can't decide,
So won't others try to guide.

---August 26, 2013---

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