The Bible,

It’s interesting that The Bible has predicted that there will be great earthquakes at the world’s end.

Scientists tell us that the fracking disturbances have a negligible effect.

It’s true.

If you cause one or even ten of these deep subterranean disturbances, there is unlikely to be anything to worry about.

But when you’re causing hundreds of thousands and perhaps even millions of them all around the planet, there is a cumulative effect to worry about.

Each disturbance changes the nature of the geological strata surrounding it and as small disturbance follows small disturbance which follows small disturbance, there is no telling what effect this will have on the earth’s crust and tectonic plates. For example, bearing in mind the tectonic fragility of Western California, how much fracking can be considered to be 'safe'?

I don’t mean to be a doomsayer, but we’re talking big bucks here. Enormous profits are to be made so you can’t stop fracking and it therefore follows that we run the risk being destroyed by our own collective greed.

Perhaps we should keep the names of all those who support fracking. The reason for this is that if the major earthquakes do occur, the people to blame will be rich and they will expect to be protected by their wealth. But as the rest of us all struggle to survive, we’ll have to know who the culprits are and who we’re going to shoot out of hand.

It’s probably illegal to say something like that nowadays. But in the sixties we always used to speak of the day we were going to line the politicians up against a wall and shoot the ‘ruddy’ lot of them. But who knows, maybe that glorious day is still on its way!

---July 19, 2013---

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