Is Sharia Law
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While walking through the centre of London last Saturday and watching the crowds of hedonistic homosexuals arrogantly strut their stuff through the streets, I found it impossible not to feel that there is a serious moral vacuum in this country.

But moral vacuums demand to be filled and so people of all religions are arriving in this country, by the jumbo load, almost every hour of every day.

In consequence, the pecking order of religious faiths will demand to rearrange itself over the coming years and the question to ask is, which religions are going to come out on top and which are going to be forced into minor, subservient roles?

It is interesting. If the Muslims come out on top itís most likely that they will import millions of their brethren from overseas and then proceed to ensure that London is purified according to the dictates of Islamic Law. Rivers of blood will flow though our streets and most of us will be so busy trying to ensure that we are not the ones who are put to death, we won't have much time to care about those who are.

But will the Islamists come out on top?

In my view the Anglican Church has been mortally wounded and is no longer a force to be reckoned with in this country. I could be wrong, but I donít think so. (Iíd never send my children to a Church run by homosexuals and Iím sure many parents, who look forward to grandchildren, feel the same way.) If Iím right, that will leave the struggle for top position in the pecking order between the Catholics and the Muslims. Which will come out on top? The odds suggest that the Muslims, being so much more inclined to violence, are likely to be victorious. (Of course that is not to say the Catholics are not also good at violence when they want to be.)

However, the future is a closed book and guess though we may, none of us can ever really know. Itís all just guesswork. (A computer, for example, can tell you where the planet Mars will be on any day during the next million years, but even the worldís most powerful computer canít tell you where society is going to be this time next year.)

What we do know is that action always causes reaction. We also know that around the world all humans have a desire to be top of the pile and so, when weakness is seen, opportunity knocks on the doors of many hearts.


What else do we know?

We live in a world where the religion or dominant ideology is money. We are all Moneyists. We gauge our personal worth by the material assets we own and think in terms of their monetary value. Vast numbers of us think endlessly of the money we possess and the money we hope, or would like to acquire at some time in the future. In fact, everything in our society is now geared to the good of not only the national economy, but the global economy as well. Human beings have finally evolved into homo-economicus and we are consequently in a situation where it doesnít matter what a person believes about God and the after-life - so long as they put their need for money and what it can do for them first. Everything else is secondary. Where money rules, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jews and Satanists can all live cheek by jowl without a trace of rancor or discomfort.

In fact, if you watch television, you will see that no matter how great the disaster and no matter how many are killed, at the end of the day it is all distilled into a cash vale. Nowadays, when they talk of the recent tsunami in Japan, they talk about the billions of dollars of damage and the amount of money needed to carry out repairs. The dead have been virtually forgotten and when they are remembered, which is rarely, it is only as a sop to those who might be tempted to complain that the media, the business community and our politicians have all become callous and heartless.

In todayís world we must all go forward and most of us can only judge our degree of forward momentum by counting our money.

---June 30, 2013---

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