Radio & TV.

Protect your mind.

Those who see,
Or listen to the audio,
Of the radio,
Become in mind bovine,
And as well ovine.

The BBC,
To a degree,
Empties out a skull,
And makes a person dull,
So though it thinks it's swank,
Eyes, it makes go blank.

Though full of self-praise,
Those who would it appraise,
See it does the moral ground patrol,
And works to minds control,
So you must mind what you think,
Or the Beeb will make a stink.

This is a modern time,
Media folk call it sublime,
But cancer does our soul devour,
Who can smell the odour?
For where it does the future count,
The media likes to miscount.

If you care for your children,
Listen not to the Siren,
For if grandkids you would make proud,
New thoughts this hope will cloud,
As they the future throw away,
And your deepest hopes betray.

Thinking they're superlative,
The media are in fact manipulative,
While dressing up in gold,
And saying we a vision should behold,
Heads are up rectums stuck,
So soon Truth will run amuck.

---June 9, 2013---

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