Homosexual Marriage.

In my opinion, although itís now virtually illegal to even think such a thought, I believe homosexuals are socially extremely destructive.

Take homosexuals in the Anglican Church. The Church certainly has many problems and is far from perfect, but overall it does a great deal of good for society as a whole. But soon homosexuals will be able to be vicars and bishops and, in consequence, large numbers of people will simply turn their back on the Church. What the homosexuals want is what the homosexuals want and they clearly donít care about what they destroy in the process of getting what they want.

For homosexuals life ends on the day they die and most really donít care what happens after that.

But marriage is - or used to be - about children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great, great grandchildren. Itís true that it doesnít always happen this way, but that is the ideal. Once homosexuals are legally allowed to form a marriage bond, the essence of the ideal is destroyed and once that happens there is no longer any point in striving for a better society - one which would benefit our descendants.

There is a species of eagle and if you remove a particular feather, it can no longer fly. That feather doesnít make any difference to its aerodynamic capabilities, but for one reason or another, once that particular feather has been removed, the eagle canít fly.

I think the government would be wise to wait and watch social developments in France, a country which has already brought in a homosexual marriage law. It could be very interesting.


If the sacred essence of marriage, with its essence of children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great, great grandchildren is destroyed, then the whole purpose of an organised and civilized society is destroyed along with it.

If the road to descendants isnít sacred, then why should anyone bother with civilization when they can adopt a Ďgrab what you can for yourself and devil take the hindmostí approach to life?

---June 4, 2013---

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