Rupert Shortt.

In this country the merest hint of a frown at the Islamic faith brings censure from both the media and the government. But is it all more about oil and petrodollars rather than religion?

This book, ‘Christianophobia’ by Rupert Shortt is very enlightening. It’s full of facts, places, names and dates and that can sometimes can make it a bit tedious, but on the other hand it is very, very informative.

Religious oppression supported by government is worst in Islamic countries.

But why as Britons, are we always made to feel guilty every time someone so much as frowns at a Muslim?

Perhaps one should always remember the Biblical parable about the servant who, after being forgiven his debt by his master, immediately went and demanded every penny owed to him by others and threw anyone who couldn’t pay into prison. He was, if I remember correctly, cast from his master's house - a terrible punishment.

As I read this book, I was often so disturbed by many of the facts, that the above parable constantly came to mind.

---May 24, 2013---

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