Is a life in politics
hazardous to mental health?

Would it be right to refer to our world leaders as seriously mentally challenged?

On the news there is all this talk about growth and the idea that governments, with quantitative easing, can actually buy growth.

Does this show the depths of mental vacuity a life in politics can sometimes lead to?

Let’s just go back to the fifties.

Television caused vast changes to our idea of ourselves and stimulated massive growth and, to cope with this growth, governments had to massively increase the money supply.

Car, aeroplane and ship design improved dramatically and this stimulated growth and in response governments had to increase the money supply.

Improved manufacturing techniques stimulated growth and the money supply was again increased to cope.

You might remember the introduction of the cassette tape. What a change that made! Growth followed and the money supply tried to keep up. (This also held true for electric guitars, amplifiers and all the other ‘new’ paraphernalia which developed the modern, international, multi-billion dollar music industry.)

Then, to cut a long story short, came the personal computer and that resulted in a phenomenal amount of growth and to cope, governments around the world had to massively increase the money supply.

Now, alas, there doesn’t seem to be anything new to stimulate growth and when our super clever, highly educated world leaders look back on the past, they can clearly see a link between growth and the money supply and EUREKA! They’ve solved all our problems. They know that all they have to do to get more growth is increase the money supply! Growth, an educated study of computer models has shown, is closely linked to the money supply and therefore something a government can buy!


Simply put, the money supply has always followed developments, but now that developments have slowed, the government is trying to force development to follow the money supply.

---May 9, 2013---

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