The facebook curse

A real modern danger.

With full government approval, everything a person puts down on facebook or twitter will now be stored and in ten or even twenty years time everyone, your enemies included, will have access to that information.

The fact that you were upset or having difficulties with your parents/girlfriend/boyfriend/boss will not be cared about. What you said is what you said and if it can be used against you in some way, you can be sure that it will be.

You might, for example, decide to become a member of a political party and if you are successful, members of other political parties will do their best to discredit you. What youíve said on faceBook or twitter can be dragged up and used against you, no matter how many years ago you said it.

Itís politics.

What about simple office politics?

What would happen if you became an important police witness in a major criminal trial? Would the defence not do everything it could to try and discredit you? Would the papers not then publish that information?

Wise people will, I think, stay away from facebook and twitter and will even stay away from blogs like this. Itís all right for me, Iím over sixty so itís not as if Iím going to be out there competing with others for the best job, the best women and/or maybe even a seat in Westminster.

Younger people on the other hand ÖÖ

---April 30, 2013---

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