The Day After Tomorrow.

Allan Folsom.

Bought this in a charity shop for my preferred price of 50p and must say that it grabbed me from the first page.

By about page ten I began to realise that there was something familiar about it and by page twenty I was sure I’d read it before. By page thirty I was certain I’d read it before and could even vaguely remember the ending, so I checked my diary and discovered that not only had I read it before, I’d read it twice!

But I still couldn’t put it down. Despite the fact that I wasn’t too happy with the idea of wasting time reading a book I’d already read and had a vague idea of the ending, this book had me in its grip and I just couldn’t put it down. In fact, I even found myself putting some important things off so I could continue to read.

Technology of the nineties might make this novel a bit out of date but if you’re looking for an enjoyable read, it is one to put on your list. Also, if you want some ideas about the art of writing an unputdownable, page turning novel, you’ll find a lot here.

Anyone who is a fan of mystery, murder and mayhem is certain to enjoy this book.

---April 30, 2013---

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