It's the governments fault
and the doctors as well.

I remember the fiasco.

Everyone was told that MMR was absolutely safe and that they had to have their children immunized.

But although there was a genuine fear about MMR and autism at the time, no children were allowed to have their jabs separately as had previously been the normal practice. MMR, the triple dose, was now the new thing and all children HAD to have it.

Even parents who wanted to buy the jabs individually on the private market were forbidden from doing so. It was MMR or nothing.

At the time I was one of millions who were absolutely infuriated by this arrogance and as the company which made the three in one MMR was going to clean up, many of us suspected serious government corruption.

No child was allowed to get the jabs separately, even if their parents paid privately and I certainly wouldn’t have had my kids vaccinated. For parents, it wasn’t so much the fear of MMR which stopped them, it was being bullied and pushed about by an arrogant government and medical profession that made them say no.

In fact, that unbelievable arrogance still angers me today when I think of it.


As a matter of interest I will mention that at about this time I was in the post office one day when a woman walked in with a nine or ten year old child who was clearly autistic. It was terrible to watch this poor child running around with an empty look in his eyes saying unintelligible things while his mother told me, and anyone else who would listen, that her child had been absolutely fine before he'd been given the MMR jab.

After seeing that child, I promise you that if I’d been a parent there would have been no way in the world that my children would have been given an MMR jab. I would have paid for the jabs individually, but one look at that child and MMR would have been out of the question. But alas, Tony Blair’s government had made it illegal for anyone to supply the public with the three jabs individually.

---April 25, 2013---

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