Mrs. Thatcher

A Personal view.

I remember the late seventies. They were terrible. The unions were just so, so out of line that we started hating them. We, our group if you like, did like to think that we had a social conscience, but what the unions were demanding was ridiculous.

In consequence, we fully supported Mrs, Thatcher and her ideas and continued to do so until about the mid eighties. It was about then we began to feel she was overdoing it. She was, to anyone with a social conscience, going too far! Privatization had become a mindless mantra which was applied indiscriminately to almost everything. Getting rid of the dead ducks had been a good idea but then she set her sights on companies that were limping along quite happily. After that, any company with even a slight limp became a target and the unemployment soared. A problem, if I rmember correctly, she successfully hid by introducing the disability allowance.

So, from about the mid eighties we began to oppose her and I personally have never forgiven her for introducing the Poll Tax. The breathing tax. If you were capable of drawing breath, you paid. A tax, some said, on the works of God. (Andrew Neil, the then editor of The Sunday Times, pointed out that despite his high salary and the lovely house he lived in, his office cleaners all paid more Poll Tax than he did.)

So, when she finally left office I certainly wasn’t sorry. However, I would like to remind everyone that one of her great advantages was the fact that at about the time she took office, North Sea oil came on line and the government had more money to spend than it had ever had before.

---April 9, 2013---

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