Every tweet is precious

The tyranny of computers.

Letís face it. Most tweets are rants or things people say off the top of their heads. But theyíre now all going to be saved and in years to come what a person said when they were young, in a bad temper or drunk can be used by the government against them.

If this is the way the government is planning to go they should install CCTV in every pub and record every single conversation so future generations (or governments) will have a 'provable' record of a personís every utterance. (For historical and cultural purposes of course!)

When it comes to gaining power and then keeping it, a willingness to be nasty is a prerequisite and so, when it comes to keeping others down, a large database of tweets will be just the ticket.


Do your tweets, blogs and Face Book postings belong to the government?

Does the government have the right to save your every opinion, regardless of the mood you were in when you expressed it?

It is one thing for the government to save the tweets, blogs and Face Book postings of those who request them to be saved, but is it right for the government to hoover them all up indiscriminately and make them available to the world for all time? Even to people who don't like you?

Have you ever said something and then changed your mind? Why should you be haunted by an opinion you no longer hold?

The imprisoning tyranny of the computer is clearly already here.

---April 6, 2013---

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