And the greasy pole.

The thing about modern democracy is that Big Businesses are the king makers. They decide on the three top runners and leave us to chose between them. But, by the judicious use of extra funding they can usually make sure we choose the leaders they want. (Look at the way Tony Blair had to change the focus of the Labour Party to get the backing he needed.)

It’s why the revolutions in the Middle East received so much media support. It was all out war in which Big Business wanted an outcome that ensured they would become the eventual bosses. Have you heard, even once, anyone calling for peace and dialogue in Syria? Big Business wants rid of leaders who can say no to them so at its core Syria is an all out war of Capitalists against anyone who would stand in their way.

Once democracy has been established and the country has opted for a charter, the rest is all down to lawyers and the winners are invariably those who can afford the cleverest lobbyists and best legal companies to represent their interests.

Take UKIP for example. Big Business likes Europe for many reasons - not least because cheap labour can be shifted from country to country and so keep profits up by keeping wages low. So Big Business is against UKIP and recently we’ve heard all about UKIP being a racist, right wing anti-immigration party.

This is not true. UKIP is an anti European Union party and immigration laws made in Brussels is one of the things they are against. UKIP wants Britain to make its own immigration laws but by controlling the national media (and, seemingly, the BBC) capitalists have cleverly shifted the focus and so now large numbers of people in this country view UKIP in much the same light as they view the BNP or National Front.

These were very clever tactics and it might now take years for UKIP to recover from this misperception, but that’s the greasy pole.

Remember that in a democracy you only need to persuade 51% of the voters and it doesn’t matter if the other 49% are against you.


Many Westminster politicians like the European Union because if we were to leave, it would mean a lot of extra work for them. But most people now agree that Germany runs the EU and if we stay in we’ve eventually got to become subservient to the Germans. Historically speaking, this could be a problem, particularly if you look at the way the Germans are beginning to boss the smaller member countries around. Life in warm, sunny Spain for example, is completely different to life in cold Germany, but the Germans are beginning to insist that the people of Spain live their lives in the same way Germans live theirs. (Spaniards, Italians, Portuguese and Greeks should, in this new Greater Germany, be willing to work hard and do what they’re told. Dissent will not be tolerated.)

---April 1, 2013---

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