Nuclear power

Has Britain
Made a mistake?

Power through nuclear fission is old hat. In fact it was old hat in the 1950s because science was already familiar with thorium and knew that not only was vast amounts of power available at extremely low cost, there was virtually no waste problem.

This initially came about because the US airforce was jealous. The navy had its nuclear submarines and so the airforce wanted nuclear powered bombers! It put up the money and believe it or not, the scientists came up with a nuclear engine to power an aeroplane.

But obviously, this wasnít very practical and, as missile technology developed, the idea was eventually dropped. But scientifically it had been proved that thorium, as a source of nuclear power, was viable.

But later, when the US government turned its attention to nuclear power stations, thorium lost out because everybody already knew how to build a Uranium-235 fission plant and nobody wanted to go back to the drawing board and redesign the plants to run on thorium.

This is a fascinating, must watch, documentary. Donít miss it.

Kirk Sorensen

(Note: The first few moments of this documentary appear to be missing but that is not a problem and it is very easy to catch the meaning of what is being said. I was totally swept along by it - fascinating.)

After you've seen this, when it comes to Iran and its desire for nuclear energy, you won't believe a word the Iranians say. China is actually building a thorium plant and so we'd be fools to get left behind.

---March 26, 2013---

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