Digital or DAB radio

Is it just a joke?

Is there still talk of a switchover?

I havenít heard anything for a while but recently, the issue came up in a conversation.

Is digital or DAB radio a good or bad idea?

Whatís going to happen to the many, many thousands who listen to the radio in their car?

Might we actually be talking millions here?

In this time of severe economic austerity, why should car owners be forced to spend extra for a new radio?

Are the radio stations going to be happy doing without their in-car audience?

A lot of mp3 players and other portable listening devices use only the FM band, so what happens to them if there is a switchover?

I donít think the radio stations could manage such a dramatic loss of audience, but will the government try to force the issue?

As I said, I havenít seen or heard much about the issue in media recently, but it still seems to be there in the background Ė maybe just waiting for a minister to make a final decision.

---March 13, 2013---

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