Sean Connery and the future of our world.

Iíve always felt this film was prophetic and since I heard a programme on world population the other day, Iím beginning to think it a Ďveryí prophetic film.

For example, according to the radio, world population is growing at around 2.3 children per man/woman pair. This may not seem to be threatening to those who fear an overpopulated planet. But when looked at more closely it transpires that highly intelligent and well educated people are having almost no children. The figures range from none to about one or one and a half.

But at the other end of the scale the poorer, uneducated people are having between four and six children per man/woman pair and this means that before long the number of fit, poorly educated twenty year olds will greatly outnumber their educated counterparts. In forty years, well educated people will be in a serious minority and it can be assumed that in any kind of democracy, the uneducated majority will dictate the way of the world and the educated will have to start thinking about what poorly educated people want from their lives.

Will they want to slave away in factories for a minimum wage?

Will they want good jobs in plush offices and to live in nice flats in built up areas?

Is it not more likely that they will want several acres of land, especially in fertile Northern Europe or America? These fit, young people may be poorly educated, but that wonít mean to say theyíre stupid. They will have the numbers and so they will be able to force the diminishing number of well educated people to see things their way. If youíre poorly educated there is a strong likelyhood that you wonít care much about what happens in the world if itís more than twenty miles from your front door and even if you canít have a car, you can still have a pony and trap. Also, if the intelligencia want to object, an AK-47 doesnít require much in the way of education to use.

In his book, The Age of Turbulence, Alan Greenspan said that even now the educational levels of America and Europe are not high enough to maintain the complex, technological society we have already built. Future generations are therefore going to have to move towards a less complicated society because if they donít, the whole edifice is likely to collapse due to a lack of maintenance.

Gerald Durell, the man who liked to write dirty ditties which, due to his publishing fame, he was unable to show to anyone except his friends, also saw the future as a world in which intelligence was submerged by ignorance. He used to say he envisioned a scientific type in horned rimmed glasses with his telephone and scientific instruments being sucked into the great blob of ignorance and digested.

The future, as any scientist will tell you, belongs to the most successful replicators and as the situation stands at the moment, the poorly educated peasants are being considerably more successful than their well educated counterparts.

---March 10, 2013---

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