What is Superiority?

To evolution,
The solution,
Was the survival of the fittest,
Those who could pass the test,
But what test do we mean?
This question does with answers team.

There is the reality,
Of our environment,
And if we’re fit,
We’ll have a speciality,
Allowing an attainment,
From which progeny can benefit.

If there for example,
Were to be a nuclear war,
Which most of us wipes out,
New problems there to grapple,
Will make many very sore,
Forcing them to checkout.

Those who remain,
In the new environment,
Will have to live and copulate.
As they a future must obtain,
Even if each day does them dement.
And all their hopes asphyxiate.

So a clever brain,
A shapely body curve,
Or paper in a bank,
Might zero gain,
And no advantage serve,
Driving multitudes to walk the plank.

Perhaps stupidity will win,
Perhaps a dwarf,
Or maybe a hunchback.
For if a future will again begin,
Allowing humans time to surf,
We’ll must new qualities unpack.


Oddly enough,
To survive,
The horrors,
Of a nuclear holocaust,
You might need
A dull
And stupid

---March 7, 2013---

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